Askiy Mentorship

Our team has significant experience working with Indigenous communities on land related projects and supporting undergraduate student research projects. The Askiy Mentorship team will support undergraduate student research projects that apply natural science tools and research approaches to serve Indigenous community’s needs with respect to land stewardship.

The Askiy Mentorship team will work with faculty researchers to support and foster relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities; connect undergraduate student research teams with Indigenous communities; support in-person community visits to Indigenous communities; and support in-community presentation to Indigenous leadership, Indigenous high-school students, and Indigenous leadership in the K-12 education systems.

Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Student Research Projects

ASKI 201 is an independently directed research course where students completes an applied community-focused research project that is relevant to the student's work as a land manager and their community.

Undergraduate Community Collaborations

RRM 421 is an independent group study that partners students with community organizations. Students work collaboratively with community organizations to execute real-world renewable resource management projects.