Every Dot a Prayer for the Saskatchewan Rivers by Christi Belcourt


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kihci-okâwîmâw askiy pimâtisiwin ka-âsônamâkêt, poko kwayask ka-manâcihâyahk. 
Great Mother Earth gives us life; in return, we have the responsibility to respect her.



Working with and for Indigenous communities to empower land governance, by leveraging teaching, research, and engagement capacity at the University of Saskatchewan.

Our Land Acknowledgement Honouring Mother Earth

kihci-okawimâw askiy, ki-pamihinân, poko kwêyask ka-pimâtisiyâhk, ka-nâkatêyimâyahk, ka-manâcihâyahk, okâwîmâw askiy


Great Mother Earth, you guide us, we are obligated to do things in a good way, to live in a good way, to take care of her in a good way, to respect her in a good way, Mother Earth.