Our Purpose

The kihci-okâwîmâw askiy (Great Mother Earth) Knowledge Centre is founded on the principle that the land is our first teacher and of central importance to Indigenous peoples. The centre serves as a resource for Indigenous communities and organizations seeking information, training, and research partnerships.

Our Vision

kihci-okâwîmâw askiy pimâtisiwin ka-âsônamâkêt, poko kwayask ka-manâcihâyahk. (Plains Cree)
Great Mother Earth gives us life; in return, we have the responsibility to respect her. 

Our Mission

Working with and for Indigenous communities to empower land governance, by leveraging teaching, research, and engagement capacity at the University of Saskatchewan.

Our Goals

Advocate for kihci-okâwîmâw askiy across a diversity of disciplines.

Foster the development of reciprocal relationships.

Support the development of land-related teaching, research and engagement 
opportunities of significance to Indigenous communities​​.

Serve as a source of information and resources about land.